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Welcome to high-performance wide format printing ...

  … there has never been a faster route to get there.


The Xerox Wide Format 6622 Solution.

 Unmatched Speed

  • Leverages FreeFlow Accxes Print Server to achieve maximum productivity
  • RIP processes complex jobs at top speed
  • Print speed of 22 D/A1 and scanning at up to 6 lps

 Unparalleled Image Quality

  • Complex monochrome prints have sharp detail and uniform coverage page after page
  • 600 DPI quality you expect from a decentralized printer—on a high-volume machine
  • Color-capable scanner captures TIFF, PDF and more to store or send to workstations

 Highly Flexible Workflow

  • Achieve color scanning, batch printing, and variability in size, scale and output orientation in a multi-vendor environment
  • PLP’s PlotWorks software boosts productivity and control while supporting a client/server workflow. Displays images and print jobs through a What You See Is What You Print (WYSIWYP) viewer


The Xerox Wide Format 6622 Solution further accelerates your work with everything from architectural renderings to scientific, medical or mapping renderings by being incredibly easy to use. Clear touch screens feature straight-forward, intuitive menus and provide scan preview capabilities to save time and reduce waste.

Get on the road to quicker printing and scanning by streamlining your wide format workflow.


Visit www.xerox.com/widespeed/[PURL] today. Offer ends December 10, 2010.

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