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I’ve heard video directors and editors argue about whether it’s the script or the camera man who makes the final product really sing. All I can say is try doing it without either one and then get back to doing whatever it takes to create the most compelling presentation. And by the way...it’s usually the voice over talent that makes the difference


The Client: Eastman Presents Concert Series

The Agency: Tipping Point Communications

The Assignment: Invite the greater Rochester area to come experience world-class performers and breathtaking performances in our area's most gorgeous venue.

The Answer: Partner with Martin Leary and Adhouse Productions to draw audiences in with a first-person point of view of arriving and experiencing an event and a montage of the current season's rhythms and sights. Close with a new tagline for the season.

The Client: FILO

The Agency: Christopher Reeg

The Assignment: Convince credit unions that it's much smarter to hire FILO to find and close auto loans than to build their own systems, hire more people, and buy their own technology to process loans from auto dealers.

The Answer: Take an existing, fairly dry sales presentation and turn it into a compelling, crisp, and clear 3-minute overview of the benefits of not going it alone.

The Client: Catholic Family Center

The Agency: Sundance Marketing

The Assignment: Create an engaging long-form video to play at the 100-year Anniversary Gala.

The Answer: Parter with  AdHouse Productions to create an historic view of how the organization started, how it grew to address changing community needs and all that it offers our most vulnerable today. We open and close with testimony from board members, community leaders and clergy. 

The Client: Rochester Software Associates

The Agency: David J. LeVant, Inc.

The Assignment: Create a clear, compelling introduction to Web to Print software for inplant print shops closing with WebCRD as the ultimate choice.

The Answer: Work with RSA's internal team providing them with a script of the benefits of Web to Print for both shops and their customers including the specific ways WebCRD makes inplants more productive and profitable at the same time.

The Client: SERF

The Agency: Darryl Marshall

The Assignment: Educate the public about SERF certification for sustainable buildings and recruit industry professionals to become certified SERF professionals themselves.

The Answer: In less than 2 minutes we define organization, layout the benefits to professionals, and make it easy for them to take action


The Client:Sydewalk

The AgencyDarryl Marshall

The Assignment:  Promote a brand new social media platform that combines networking, shopping and saving.

The Answer: Create a one-minute script that shows exactly where this concept fits in with the social media you already use, write a tagline for the company, and work with an incredibly talented motion graphic animator to illustrate the world this tool will open up.


The Client: Helendale Dermatology and Medical Spa

The Agency: Sundance Marketing

The Assignment: Help potential patients learn more about their choices for skin care and treatment options.

The Answer: A series of five 3-5-minute videos produced with  AdHouse Productions that walk you through the steps of each procedure, share the facts about the preparation, treatment and recovery and include testimonials from real patients. The videos and associated social media efforts won Helendale the Rochester American Marketing Association (RAMA) Award for Online Marketer of the Year.

You can see more more award winners here.


The Client: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children/NY

The Agency: David J. LeVant, Inc. 

The Assignment: Create a series of short videos for different audiences to get the word out about the important work being done to keep children safer and how the community can help.

The Answer: Encourage Rochester’s top talent,  such as Post Central Creative Communication for production and news anchor Katrina Irwin for voice over to help. Deliver the simple message that very real dangers exist, and caring professionals help children and parents address them every day.


The Client: AXZO Press

The Agency: David J. LeVant

The Assignment: Create a demo video for a new product that lets software instructors create their own courseware from the industry leading library of classroom content.

The Answer: Work with the creative geniuses at Form Collective to build a demo that highlights all the benefits and illustrates the very cool capabilities all in under two minutes.


The Client: University of Rochester Simon School EMBA Program

The Agency: Video Propulsion

The Assignment: Create a webmercial that features a diverse group of graduates from this nationally recognized, rigorous progam.

The Answer: Show how the program changes more than careers and literally changes lives.


The Client: Xerox Corporation

The Agency:Roberts Communications

The Assignment: Announce a partnership between the leader in digital production printing and a legendary bike builder.

The Answer: Work with Prime8 Media to create a high energy introduction of the concept that spells out the connections and gives a peek at the marketing potential.


The Client: RG&E

The Agency:Roberts Communication

The Assignment: Remind an entire city it’s time once again to pick an energy supplier.

The Answer: Work with Prime8 Media to celebrate the freedom of choice by recognizing that even how people choose is a personal thing. 


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