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SandlotConnect is a comprehensive healthcare solution that delivers on the one elusive promise of HIEs - broad, sustained adoption by healthcare professionals.  Because it is so valuable and easy to use, it becomes essential to every practice.

Designed by practicing physicians, SandlotConnect displays electronic health records the way practicing physicians want to see them. It allows healthcare professionals to make the most informed decisions at the point of care, to improve the quality of care, and to transform the physician-patient relationship.

SandlotConnect has revolutionized the way that health information exchanges advance care quality. This is the way to develop true health information exchanges at the community, regional and state level.

Proven technology that physicians and patients love to use

SandlotConnect matches the way medicine really works. In fact it’s working right now:

  • 1400+ healthcare providers using our services
  • Tens of thousands of patient records updated every day
  • True interoperability with market-leading EMR systems

Support from people who have been there

SandlotConnect was created by practicing physicians who broke new ground to implement an HIE that delivered the connectivity, simplicity, and widespread adoption every community needs.  With our hard-won experience we can have your HIE implemented quickly, provide hands-on training, and then help you run it.  

More than just a technology solution, SandlotConnect provides:

  • Proven procedures, contract templates and support to establish connectivity and interoperability between practices and other HIE participants
  • Software interfaces and the support to customize them
  • Assistance to accelerate physician and staff adoption and usage
  • Outreach to establish cooperative community partnerships

See SandlotConnect® in action today.

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