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He Came In Asking for GLASSES. He Expects Nothing Less.

There are those who will accept no compromise. Corning understands this better than anyone. We have been driving ourselves to new levels of excellence in photochromic lens manufacturing since we invented the process more than three decades ago. Our family of PhotoGray® glass lenses will satisfy the most demanding customers.

Glass lenses are naturally scratch resistant like no other product. The inherent durability and superior optics of glass lenses have always made them the premium choice for vision correction and performance. And nothing but glass provides photochromic performance that lasts a lifetime.

Our newest lens, PhotoGray THIN & DARKTM, is a patented glass that can be finished to 1.5 mm center thickness and still meet FDA impact requirements. And the thinner profile creates a great looking, lightweight lens.

Eyewear can be fashionable, comfortable and affordable. But above all else, you patients want to "see" better. Show them the superior performance of PhotoGray THIN & DARK Lenses from Corning and see for yourself how this premium product can enhance your business.


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