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This word makes much more sense than “New Media.” There are people in the workforce who have never known another type of media. And the whole point is engaging people with both the information and the interface. Fingers, eyes, and especially brain cells, better be interacting with something.


The Client: Clean Craft LLC

The Agency: Brandrethwork

The Assignment: Rename a commercial cleaning company and create a new web site that showcases their janitorial and project services.

The Answer: Team up with Andrew Soucier to create an elegant site map and fill it with content as clean and crisp as the client's end results. They even got a snazzy new tagline.

The Client: Straight A Coaching

The Agency: David J. LeVant, Inc. 

The Assignment: Create a brand and web site for an innovative academic coaching and tutoring business.

The Answer: Engage Lissa Mathis to develop two new logos and then launch a web site that tells the personal story of the founder, includes the honest gushing of satisfied parents and showcases the new company tagline.

The Client: Triplett Machine

The Agency: LaBarge Media 

The Assignment: Theme and write a new website for a precision fabricator that truly sets them apart in their industry.

The Answer: Work with the creative and production team at LaBarge to craft a slick site with matching overview video that both speak to the lengths Triplett will go to deliver quality machined parts their customers can count on.

The Client: Vnomics Corporation

The Agency: Twin Advertising 

The Assignment: Create a web site that gets decision makers quick access to the products, solutions and benefits of this revolutionary truck-fleet software.

The Answer: Complete the rebranding of Vnomics with a web site as slick as their technology.

The Client: FM Office Products

The Agency: David J. LeVant, Inc. 

The Assignment: Provide a cleaner, faster path to ordering and learning about this growing, regional office supply and furniture company.

The Answer: Work with Next Wave Software to design and launch a gorgeous front end to several back end ordering platforms so customers have a seamless and easier brand and shopping experience. 

The Client: Signor Lodging

The Agency: David J. LeVant, Inc. 

The Assignment: Give a brand new hospitality company the tools they need to meet with high-level oil and gas industry executives and close sales of accommodation and recreation facilities in very remote locations.

The Answer: Develop the brand messaging including tagline and add the design and programming expertise of Next Wave Software to make it sing in time for their first industry tradeshow. 

(This assignment was the basis for the third "Next Top Copywriter Contest." Check out the challenge and entries right here.)


The Client:Brandrethworks

The Agency:Brandrethworks 

The Assignment: Create a new website that speaks to all the expertise Ginny Brandreth possesses and audiences she serves. 

The Answer: As a Contract Marketing Director, Ginny applied her skills to her own marketing needs and assembled a team including myself on copywriting, Andrew Soucier on design and Stealthlion on programming. Together we created an experience that showcases Ginny's unique insights and talents and targets them to the entrepreneurs, microbusinesses and corporations who engage her.


The Client:Jodi Stern Pilates

The Agency: David J. LeVant, Inc.

The Assignment: Expand the reach of one of Western New York’s top Pilates instructors far beyond her studio and current clients.

The Answer: Team up with Michael Murphy of Erion Media to concept and create a subscription web site that allows visitors to stream dozens of videos, download training materials, and learn more about the benefits of Pilates. Jodi’s reach is now worldwide and her clients can workout wherever and whenever they want.


The Client: John Myers Creative Imaging

The Agency: David J. LeVant, Inc. 

The Assignment: Do with words what John does with megapixels.

The Answer: New section titles, intros, bios, and "about us" copy for John Myers Creative Imaging that reveals just what kind of characters these guys really are. It worked. The site won an Addy for Digital Advertising of Business-to-Business Services.


The Client:Highland Hospital

The Agency: David J. LeVant, Inc.

The Assignment: Create a quick, informative way for patients with hip or knee pain to learn about the Evarts Joint Center at Highland Hospital and make it their first choice for joint replacement.

The Answer: Work with a talented internal team to develop the architecture, language and Search Engine Optimization to attract traffic, keep them engaged, and connect them to needed help.


The Client: Rochester Software Associates

The Agency: David J. LeVant, Inc. 

The Assignment: Let university print center managers know that one new tool could maximize the productivity of everyone and everything they already have.

The Answer: Steal a little school spirit equity to drive home that WebCRD is the big idea on campus.

RSA Banner Ad.gif

The Client: Maxum Properties

The Agency:  David J. LeVant

The Assignment: Launch the brand for a new residential and commercial property management company whose founder has deep financial and operational experience.

The Answer: Create a clean, clear site with James Bogue that reinforces the new tag line, “It's taken care of,” with links to each new property site for downloads of printable brochure PDFs and rental applications.


The Client: Genesee Construction

The Agency:Miller White Design

The Assignment: Help a construction company with the experience, skill and guts to compete on any level, look and talk the part.

The Answer: A web site that lets an endless pool of satisfied clients do almost all the talking.


The Client: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

The Agency:Roberts Communications

The Assignment: Convey the key benefits of a Health Savings Account in ten seconds.

The Answer: Take the recently launched pig icon and make him deliver the message. Make it meaningful and memorable all at once.


The Client: Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

The Agency:Roberts Communications

The Assignment: Attract members to a national site that offers discounts on things they didn’t expect from their health plan.

The Answer: Let the national brands and huge savings do the talking.


The Client: Cummins Power Generation

The Agency:Roberts Communications

The Assignment: Make CPG synonymous with reliable standby-by power in key industries.

The Answer: Create banner ads that talk more about the customer benefit than big green boxes.


The Client: Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

The Agency:Roberts Communications

The Assignment: Give employers a way to support their employees after a layoff by helping them find individual coverage they can afford.

The Answer: Create a presentation for company websites that introduces an innovative education and plan selection tool.


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