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The 2010 NBN Catalog

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Self Guided or Instructor Led. Crisp Gets Down to Business Right Away.

With its clear, easy-to-grasp and action-oriented style our Crisp Fifty-Minute Series has helped more than 20 million users worldwide develop the skills and careers they were seeking. The Crisp Comprehensive Series adds video-based training and e-learning enhancements to our industry-leading courseware to create an all-in-one learning solution — giving individuals the structure and depth of classroom training on their own time and their own terms. The new Crisp Life-Skills Series offers an even wider range of topics to support personal growth and development. Choose the approach and series of titles that’s right for your business and build a more productive workplace and skilled workforce right now.


The Crisp Comprehensive Series                              

These are much more than books. They are an all-in-one learning solution. Now students can create their own class schedule, and even “pause” and “fast forward” their teacher. With an interactive instructional video, a complete training manual, one-on-one online guidance from Global Mentoring and powerful pre- and post-class assessment software for each subject, everything students need to succeed is right here.


The Crisp Fifty-Minute Series                                               

We already covered more than 200 topics. Now we’ve added almost two dozen new titles to our growing library. Literally millions of professionals have relied on our self-guided Fifty-Minute Series for personal growth. And just as many businesses have benefitted by achieving a more productive workplace and skilled workforce. See what we can do for you.


The Crisp Life-Skills Series                                       

Sometimes it’s softer skills that stand between us and our life goals. This series addresses topics such as communication, relating to others, creativity and personal development — and handles each with depth and clarity. You’ll find top-selling books on graphic design, architecture, drawing, personal style and both career and retirement planning.


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